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Amish Mission Sofa Recliner
ADD-$200.00 for each remote.Size-88"w-overall. 77"seat width.overall height-44".
Amish Mission Loveseat
Add $200.00 per remote. 60" overall width.-44"overall height. 49"seat width
Amish Mission Chair
Add $200.00 for remote. 37"overall width. 44"ht. 26" seat width
Amish Mission Recliner Chair
Recliner-$999.00. with remote-$1199.00
Amish Mission Recliner Sofa
Size-88"overall width. 77"seat width. 41"Ht. $1899.00. Add $200.00 per remote
Amish Mission Recliner Loveseat
Size-62"overall width. 52" seat width. 41"Ht.. $1699.00. Add $200.00 per remote.
Amish Mission Recliner Chair
Size-36"overall width. 26"seat width. 41"Ht. $999.00. Add $200.00 for remote.
Amish Mission Recliner Chair
Size-35"overall width. 24"seat width. 44"Ht. $999.00. Add $200.00 for remote
Mission Slat Recliner
Mission Panel Recliner
Add $400.00 for leather.
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